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23 June 2015

Emails from HM Revenue and Customs

You may have received one or more e-mails recently, purporting to be from HM Revenue and Customs or a similar tax authority (even some overseas tax authorities). Some of these refer to under-declared income, whilst others state that you are due a tax refund. They may look quite genuine, with the Revenue’s logo in the corner. However, they are all scam e-mails and in most cases ask you for either your personal bank details or your Revenue username and password.

HM Revenue and Customs NEVER uses e-mails either to advise of a repayment or to ask you to fill out an online form to receive such a repayment. If you receive such an e-mail please do not open it or complete any of the details asked for within it. The advice from the Revenue is to forward the e-mail to them at and they will let you know of any further steps to take.